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I’m a London based photographer specialising in editorial and event photography. My interest in photography came about in the summer of 2006, during a long holiday visiting family in Turkey. With them speaking no English, and me next to no Turkish, I spent most, if not all my time there taking pictures. When I came back, the habit of walking around with my camera, documenting things that caught my eye had well and truly set.

You can view my recent work on my blog page, and apart from this website, I’m on instagram and also keep a larger collection of personal photos on flickr. Under my flickr pseudonym Chutney Bannister, I’ve held a couple of exhibitions and had photos published in Max Magazine, londonist, FILE Magazine, FLAK photo and Utata.


Time Out London
URBANE Magazine
ON TRACK Magazine
St. George’s University of London
St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
The Association of University Administrators
Socialite Bar
Comida Bar


Time Out London

Guardian Unlimited

Everywhere Magazine
Olay Gazete
Max Magazine
ON TRACK Magazine
London Transport Museum
FILE Magazine
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“the surreal line” Mario’s Cafe, London, 2nd December – 23rd January 2014 (solo)
“the surreal line” The Gallery Cafe (St. Margaret’s House), London, 1st October – 1st November 2013 (solo)
“the surreal line” Harrison’s, London, 10th December 2010 – 2nd October 2011 (solo)
“the surreal line” Mario’s Cafe, London, 11th November – 11th December 2009 (solo)
“the surreal line” Flaxon Ptootch, London, 8th October – 10th November 2009 (joint)
“the surreal line” Sun and Doves, London, 7th March – 14th June 2009 (solo)
“the surreal line” Ritzy Cinema, London, 8th December – 4th March 2009 (solo)
“the surreal line” Oval House Theatre, London, 28th October – 22nd November 2008 (solo)
“the surreal line” Frevd Cafe-bar Gallery, London, 28th September – 25th October 2008 (solo)
“underworld” Sun and Doves, London, 2nd June – 2nd August 2008 (solo)
“The Flaxon Ptootch Affordable Art Sale” London, 12th June – 8th July 2008 (group)
“underworld” St. George’s Hospital, London, 13th March – 31st March 2008 (solo)
“underworld” Flaxon Ptootch, London, 28th February – 12th March 2008 (solo)
“The Flaxon Ptootch Group Show”, London, 24th January – 14th February 2008
“Some Snaps” St. George’s Hospital, London, 1st October – 28th November 2007 (solo)
“Some Snaps” Frevd Cafe-bar Gallery, London, 5th August – 2nd September 2007 (solo)
“Breakthrough” San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery 20th April – 16th June 2007 (group)
“We are all photographers now!” Musée de l’Elysé, Switzerland – March 2007 (group)